BitMEX Research Reports Dominance of Public Channels in Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN)

Nexo Crypto Credit Lines BitMEX Bitcoin Futures BTC WikiMedia Commons The interest in Bitcoin [BTC] Lightning Network (LN) during early 2019 seemed to be subsiding due to lack of growth and adoption. Nevertheless, the interest has been spurred again as leading exchanges like Bitfinex and Square Crypto led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are looking to increase adoption. Moreover, the total number of Bitcoins [BTC] in the lightning channel is closing in on 1000 BTC again. According to a recent estimate by BitMEX research, this only represents part of the total amount transacted via Lightning Network. The reports by BitMEX Research with combined efforts from leading data analytics firm, Coinmetrics also confirm the growth of the protocol in the second half of 2019. btc lightning network Bitcoin Lightning Network (Coinmetrics and BitMEX Research – Source) The report suggests that about 28% of the channels are private, hence extrapolating the data, the total number of Bitcoin in LN is more than 1050 BTC. Moreover, the total number of public and private channels in Bitcoin is somewhere between 50,000-55,0000. The reports says, Using the database of public channels, we checked it against our dataset of channel closures. Based on this, we estimate that around 28% of channels are private bitcoin lightning BitMEX Research Comparison of Public and Private Channels in LN According to their findings, the number of public channels closures have decreased to new lows, as the number openings continue to rise. The blue bars represent the number of closures each month, while the red line represents the number of public channels. bitcoin ln Bitcoin Lightning (LN) Public Network Growth Bitcoin LN’s inclusion is making micro-payments across web applications and social media websites, would open a new world of payment structure. Bitcoin adoption can expect to undergo similar hysteria of the 2013-2014 period which subsided after the rising fees and scalability issues.
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