Bitcoin Go To GoldenCross 2020

BITCOIN. Hay trader, let me talk a little about Bitcoin Go to Golden Cross and hopefully it is not misleading especially for those in the Telegram group @trader_ITC hehehe,
Okay without further ado – we begin the discussion of BITCOIN TOWARDS GOLDEN CROSS.
Today I open my eyes and as usual take coffee and a cigarette that has been served with mesrah,
You guys don’t ask because my coffee is only one glass of time.
For traders, they may have often paid attention to the movements of Bitcoin, movements that really vibrate the legs and heart snicker,
Try the flashback to 18 Dec 2019 there you will see Perbitcoin for $ 6450 and Alhamdulillah right then I have caught the following is proof of my purchase.
Purchase transaction in binance exchage
With the decline on 18 Dec 2019 many Indonesian and foreign traders panicked,
because there are many who predict bitcoin down in the 4 / 5k $ area, but for us, especially @trader_ITC is normal ahahah, in my opinion, it’s normal to correct prices,
because bitcoin hasn’t corrected the price of $ 65xx since it was bullish $ 13k on June 20, 2019.
OK, I will suffice the story, actually want to talk about Flasback in the past months because it’s very important,
bitcoin 2020
In the picture above that is my picture of the Bitcoin 1D history chart, then what about the current one?
Let’s continue, hopefully it is true and hope those who have read this must be on guard, because predictions cannot be 100% correct.
if my prediction is 4% correct normally lol
Today or at this time bitcoin is rising but will bitcoin be strong at current price figures?
that’s why I only gave pictures with the SUPPORT BITCOIN label
Here we discuss the prediction of 1H Bitcoin with the state of going up and of course not so on because it could have changed direction immediately, without you know and without the wind blowing.
Given the above questions, my answer, you must be careful, is the reason why I only give a support line.
with the support of bitcoin which has not been corrected and is already above this week’s resistance level.
It could be later tonight or tomorrow he rises at the level of $ 9250 Perbitcoin and immediately plunges correction in the area of $ 8700 – $ 8900 per bitcoin,
Therefore for those of you leverage players or bitcoin traders must be careful with bitcoin,
This advice is for those of you who like short-term or Scalp Bitcoin
On the 4h Bitcoin chart you can see there I gave a line of resistance that means it could be a 10k bitcoin flashpump and break in 9500 test support.
The 4h Bitcoin chart is still very good but the 1h chart has already been corrected so why did I say it could,
how good is that?
The good thing is that bitcoin falls first correction level of 89xx – 9xxx if the correction is smooth or strong, it means immediately 10 welcome back.
2014 06 01
Mengacu dari perjalanan panjang bitcoin saya mengambil langkah long di tahun 2020 ini itu karena mengapa ,,?
Apa ada yang tau ?
Saya beri alasan 1 saja kepada teman-teman xixixi pengen lengkap di group 
1d Breakout bullish
Bitcoin 1W is rejected from bears
OK, I take a breath first because I’m tired of typing from the beginning until now, friend of Xixixi,
drink coffee first and don’t forget to put in the cigarette putp.
1H bitcoin prediction, please see the picture above, you can see the effect of the bitcoin jump 1 day ago until now,
resulting in the advancement of MA 50 and towards or almost bullish Golden Cross like the era of 2014 namely MA 50 VS 200
This Bitcoin Break Out is the 1d bitcoin bullish prediction weapon where bitcoin is able to survive in the $ 7600 breakout area and has escaped until now,
Because of this achievement many investors and traders have begun to smile because the spirit is already seen rising and very clear.
This is the reason why I am still a Bitcoin trader
Prediction of 1W Bitcoin
For 1W Bitcoin prediction, I combine it in 1D for almost the same reason and try to compare it with 2014 through the help of your trust indicators.
The picture above is a conclusion and comparison chart of 2014-2015 and 2018-2020, please compare and look back at the 2014 picture, maybe at this point, for those of you who haven’t been able to TA or bitcoin trading can find their conclusions.
That’s all from me and apologize if there are mistakes or deficiencies in the discussion.
CAUTION Digital asset trading is a high-risk activity. Digital asset prices are very volatile, where prices can change significantly over time.
Please use extra consideration in making the decision to buy or sell digital assets.
As an investment, or action for profit. All digital asset trading decisions are independent decisions by users.
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